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Precision cut CNC machined performance brake discs. CNC Cut Piranha Brake Discs Click here to read more information on the CNC machinung process used by Piranha Brakes.
Specialists Finish
Special anti corrosion black finish. Image of the anti-corrosive black finish on Piranha Brake Discs. Click here to read more information on the special anti-corrosive finish on Piranha Brake Discs.
Quality Performance
Dimples ensure improved bite but do not affect brake strength. Close up image of Piranha Brake Discs showing quality of discs and design. Read more on the quality and improved performance of piranha brake discs
Show Room
View high quality images of our brake discs on and off a car. Image of car wheel with Piranha Brake Discs fitted. Click here to view an image gallery of our products

Welcome to Piranha Brakes

Piranha brake discs are premium superior high quality, high performance brake discs for those who demand only the best!
We can provide brake discs to fit almost any road, track or performance vehicles form a variety of vehicle manufacturers. Piranha Brake Discs are quality components that have been designed to improve your cars braking ability.

Product Overview

Piranha dimpled and grooved discs offer the best in overall performance. How do they improve braking performance? Brake fade is the number 1 enemy for performance drivers. Fade occurs when a build up of hot gases form between the brake disc and brake pad surfaces and push the brake pads off the discs when least needed! With Piranha discs the computer designed slots and dimples actually help to dissipate these gases which means you have continued, effective braking performance. Accurately machined on state of the art CNC machines, Piranha Brake Discs also improve braking bite due to the unique slot design.

After machining and inspection each Piranha Brake Discs undergoes a chemical based heat treatment which contributes to a stronger and longer lasting disc. At the same time a black chemical coating is applied which gives the discs an enhanced surface finish.

Piranha discs are manufactured in the UK in accordance with ISO9001 guidelines and are a direct replacement for OE discs with the same dimensions as your original equipment brake discs.

Support and Sales

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